Meetings with voters before second round of elections

The day of re-voting at elections of city mayors on November 15 is coming soon. In conditions of new legislation it is very hard for citizens to be oriented in election process. Election campaign tents offer only literature with information about candidates. Anyway voter needs to know more. This became the reason of publishing new booklet of CISC “Re-voting at elections of city mayors on November 15,2015: what is necessary for voter to know”. In booklet is described peculiarities of elections of city mayors, rights of voter and influence of citizens on decision making. Today in Kiev activists of CISC explained citizens, what will wait for them in second round, spoke about checking them in voter lists to have possibility to vote, distributed informational materials. Positive fact is that people who are tired from agitation, very pleasantly reacted on useful information and mentioned their position. Knowing of the law is guarantee of successful election process and choosing right candidate.


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