Experts TSPHI advised entrepreneurs on the development of small and medium businesses

In Baranovsky City Council with the assistance of experts from the International Republican Institute, June 25, 2015 were held extensive public hearings on attracting investment. They are attended by about 30 local entrepreneurs and business leaders, institutions, public figures and journalists. The main “messages” from other reports that were presented by specialists working group on improving the investment climate meters. Baranovka and region, sounded a call to entrepreneurs rozroblyuvaty and present their business plans. If any Baranovsky City Council will be able to develop a “Municipal Development Programme”, referring to the information that will be presented in the above financial instruments. Mayor Anatoly Baranivka Dusko thanked the experts Center for Civic Initiatives and the International Republican Institute, constructive advice. Currently, city entrepreneurs with the information on lending business and its registration in the Unified State Register. The fate of composite business plan will decide both the local and the national levels. The most effective in terms of community development projects will be provided benefits as time getting loans, and in terms of regulating percent.


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