In Zhytomyr begin to implement the program “Electronic City”


«Formed a technical problem properly planned and implemented its Zhitomir enter the five cities, which operate on the principle of e-governance», –

this thesis formulated TSPHI SBI chairman Andrei Kartashov public hearing on “Prospects for e-governance in the city. Zhitomir.” Deputy Mayor Sergei Suhomlin at the event said that soon Zhytomyr feel the results of the program “E-Town”, the first stage of implementation of which will be introduced full electronic document and information portal, through which every citizen will be available information on the competitions in the walls of the city council, bidding, budget and others.


«Electronic document management, experience has shown winery, takes, in fact, 90% of paper correspondence. For example: a man who appealed to the city council to the head or deputy with the problem, or someone from deputies. The system automatically fix this appeal and it will be implemented dual control: the man sees the passage of its application and head control status of implementation of requests from residents. Thus improving communication with Zhytomyr, they do not have to waste time running around between classrooms until the response is formed and the person is not distracted from their usual affairs», –

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